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Flatwater provides mental health therapy in the wake of cancer. We connect individuals with therapists to help clear their mind, heal their body, and find the strength to take on a diagnosis.


  • Provide mental health services via licensed providers for those that would not otherwise have access.

  • Raise awareness of the importance of mental health and the challenges that exist when a cancer diagnosis is introduced into a family or tight community.

  • Break the stigma associated with asking for and receiving mental health support.

  • Encourage participation in exercise and outdoor activities as a means of providing balance and mental well-being.

  • Create fun and effective fundraising opportunities that unite communities and promote the values of Flatwater.



We believe everyone impacted by cancer deserves access to mental health services.

We strive to provide services fulfilling our purpose and mission, as we enact these values:

  • Connection and closeness. Like a family, we seek to connect with and  care for all those involved with the Flatwater community in a way that  builds engagement and creates friendships for the journey. We are stronger  together and we seek to create a welcome all.

  • Compassion. We serve our participants with empathy and heart-felt support. We  have first-hand knowledge of the difficulties and heartbreak of dealing with a  cancer diagnosis.

  • Positive Attitude. We believe laughter, joy and fun are good medicine and that is how we operate and make services available.

  • Dedication. We are committed to the importance of our mission and how it makes a difference for those dealing with cancer. We work passionately to build  awareness and support for our community.